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Retail Opportunities

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My name is David Stingo and yes - I am the Mantis.
10 years ago I started a company call Stingo-Fish. Stingo-Fish specialized in Tuna jigging and popping products.
When the tuna season was good, business was good, when the tuna season was bad, business was VERY bad.
In 2012 something happened that changed our fishing lives - Hurricane Sandy.
4 years ago I took the bold move of closing down Stingo-Fish and starting a new company called Madd Mantis Tackle Works – same quality of products, same focus on quality just now with a direct to market channel of sales.
We started the new company for a few different reasons.  The first was a need to be more diverse and expand into different markets. The second is I wanted to make drastic changes - changes that I could not do easily with Stingofish.

Madd Mantis Tackle Works is a hobby of mine - I have a full time job and I do this on nights and weekends. I love the business and enjoy making, adjusting and testing products.
I have always been a tinker and always loved fishing. I would say I am chasing my dream but honestly if it is no more than what I have now I am blessed. I take what I do very seriously and stand behind my stuff.

My name and reputation is behind every product I sell and take pride in that.